Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek, Exmouth, Western Australia Yardie Creek, Exmouth, Western Australia

Go bush walking, boating and see rare native animals at Yardie Creek gorge in Cape Range National Park. Yardie Creek is a highlight of the park and a must-do on any visit to Exmouth. The ancient gorge has deep blue water, red limestone cliff faces and a wonderful array of birds and wildlife, including the rare black-footed wallaby, Euros and red kangaroos. Water in the gorge is trapped by a sandbar making it a permanent water hole. Take a cruise along the gorge and you'll see striking reflections in the water of the canyon's multi-coloured bands. A boat cruise is also the best way to see wallabies that live in small caves on the cliff faces. Commentaries tell you about the area's history, how the gorge was formed and the plants, birds and animals which live there. You can hike through the gorge's rock walls and along its northern end on two walk trails which start out flat but become more difficult. Pack a picnic and enjoy the amazing scenery. Yardie Creek Gorge is located approximately 91 kilometres from Exmouth.

Location: via Yardie Creek Road, Exmouth, NINGALOO REEF, Western Australia, Australia

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