What to Bring

Each property has a complimentary "welcome" supply of basic amenities including dishwashing liquid, dishwashing tablets (if applicable), toilet paper and toiletries.  Each property will also have a new sponge, scourer and a few bin liners. These items are not replenish-able and are simply meant as a complimentary arrival gift. The property is booked on the basis that further consumables will be supplied by the guest.

Whilst most of your needs will be met with what is supplied at the property, you will need to bring some personal items and provide basic consumables for your stay.

Please note, properties are not serviced during your stay unless prior arrangement is made (additional cost may be incurred).

Included in all properties:

We recommend you bring:

Consumables you are responsible for:

Consumables/Food Products we request you don't leave behind: